Who we are

Since 2001 de Poel has offered a pioneering and award-winning solution to the intricate complexities of non-permanent recruitment.

Helping organisations secure, and then manage, their temporary workforce in a more cost effective manner – without compromising on quality staff or fair wages- we facilitate the relationship between hiring organisations and their supplying recruitment agencies and bank staff.

Founded with entrepreneurial roots as a fast growing start-up, we are evolving to become the perfect blend of a nimble, boutique business supported by a robust corporate infrastructure.

We have ambitious goals and we believe these will be delivered. What will set us apart in a highly competitive market is not just our innovative service offering but our passion for performance – as well as our people. We love success and the highest of standards is our bare minimum.

You will find our culture close enough that you can forge strong working relationships immediately, but individual enough that you can implement fresh new thinking in an extremely fast timeframe. We’re not a business that wastes time saying “we’ve always done it that way”, instead we look to our people to deliver new initiatives. CEO, Andrew Preston, has an open door policy which ensures both an expert sounding board on hand at all times and a rapid pace of sign off for all projects.